Episode 5: Behind Enemy Lines

Two Rebel Strike Teams have arrived at the planet of their destination, now they must find a way to gain entrance into the highly secured fortress of the warlord Grand Moff Teivel. They uncover information about a high-ranking Imperial officer who lives the life of a playboy in the city, and he just might be their way into the fortified shipyards. But even this hedonistic officer may prove to be more than a match for the rebels….

Featuring another special appearance by Allen Hamilton, once again reprising his role as Lord Jerec from the official Lucasbooks/High Bridge Audio dramatizations of William C. Dietz’ “Star Wars: Dark Forces” Trilogy. Also featuring Chris Homyk, better known as HomykSmash on YouTube.

Directed by Joe Harrison
Based on Characters & Situation Created by George Lucas
Story & Sound Engineering by Joe Harrison
Starring: Chris Homyk (a.k.a. “HomykSmash”), Silas Carder, Andrew Gilbertson, Joe Harrison, Clio Sybaris, Jesse Lowther, Allen Hamilton

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