Prologue: The Curse of the Spider Queen

It is the early days of Etherealm, and the first ruler of the spiders. Queen Shelah, has an insatiable lust for power. Planning to war against the dark lord, the evil queen is oblivious to the grand army of the Northern Kingdoms that approaches her land to enact swift justice upon her and her people.

Director: Joe Harrison
Writer & Sound Engineer: Joe Harrison
Starring: R. Douglas Barbieri, Joe Harrison, Silas Carder, Nigel Banyard

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The founder of Lion's Mouth Entertainment who made his first appearance in the Audio World in his self-produced audio series Star Wars: Conquest of the Empire in 2005. While he produces his own stories he also provides sound design for other productions as well, most notably Jim Perry's Star Wars: Codename: Starkeeper, for which he won an award for Best Mixer, and Andrew Gilbertson's Star Wars: Marvels series. Harrison has won a total 6 Fan Audio Awards, including Best Audio Drama (Conquest of the Empire), Best Writer (Conquest of the Empire), and Best Mixer (Colonel Ledok and the Mission to Qalabar). Harrison is married as of June 2013 to Julia Harrison, whom he met through, the website where he began his audio career.

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