The debut audio production of producer and sound engineer Timothy Harrison, "The Resurgent Disparity" follows a student of the dark side of the Force who makes an almost trivial discovery, a divergence in the Universe itself occurs just before the Yuuzhan Vong invade—only one other person knows something isn't right and yet is stunned into near insanity. With a new threat to the New Republic rising from a forgotten and nearly inaccesible sector, old and new heros alike will find it is more than simply the Republic at stake. A forgotten Jedi and an Apprentice nearing her knighthood hold the keys to either the rise of Darkness or new hope for the Light. Twists and turns obscure true villains, and old haunts make the new future uncertain....
Timothy Harrison
Sound Engineering / Writer / Editor
Joe Harrison
Sound Engineering Consultant
Ben Burtt
Sound Design (Archives)
John Williams
Music ("Star Wars")
Release Date
September 25, 2014 (Further Episodes on Hiatus)
Running Time
96 minutes
Tionne Solusar
Captain Val Exeter
Rhiella D'Eyncourt
Luke Skywalker
Admiral Ledok
Commander Veers
Admiral Pellaeon
Lieutenant Sebastian
Admiral Tharal
Han Solo
Princess Leia
Gilva Senteen
Shaada Ti
Senior Captain Lindde
Mara Jade Skywalker
Jacen Solo
Additional Voices
Additional Voices
Christina Arisa
Phillipa Ballantine
Haile Behr-Guiterrez
Andrew Gilbertson
Joe Harrison
James Lincoln
Simon Meddings
Ryan Nelson
Amy Perkins
Jim Perry
Jen Rhodes
Katherine Skaggs
Jessica Taylor
Kevin Traynor
Felicia Vargus
Christopher Walker
Nathan P. Butler
Timothy Harrison
Lindsay Harrison
Running Time: 52:35 | Release Date: 09.24.14
Title Length File Size Download
Minisode 1: "The Wall of Silence" 5:50 10.7 MB Download
Minisode 2: "Sixty-Six"
7:50 14.4 MB Download
Audio Trailer: "Everything Changes" 4:25 8.09 MB Download
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