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Beyond The Crusade: The "Star Wars: Crusade of the Rebellion" Production Podcast - Episode 5: Looking Back & Looking Ahead
24:21 | 01.10.22 | Visit Page | Direct Download
“Beyond the Crusade” is back after a long hiatus (thanks to the pandemic PLUS social and political turmoil), and the show's back to announce that CRUSADE OF THE REBELLION is also coming back after its own hiatus. Episode 7 is moving into production! We talk about release schedules and goals.
Here at Lion's Mouth Entertainment we do our best to produce quality audio dramas that will (hopefully) carry you away to other worlds near and far. For over ten years we've been working on mostly pre-licensed property - LME started out producing Star Wars audio dramas and we've stuck mostly to that over the last decade. But we are preparing to branch out into new and truly original territories as we look to expand our horizons to bring you some of the best in audio entertainment. While we've got many big projects on the burner, you can check out our library of productions, including our older and lower quality projects - and we hope you enjoy what you hear!
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Joe Harrison Composer · Original Music
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