1,447.7 years before the Battle of Yavin, it is the time of the Darksiders' resurgence as the New Sith Empire rises in opposition against the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic. The Sith have been initiating hit-and-run attacks on the Republic capital world of Coruscant, leaving Republic shipyards and military bases demolished in their wake. The location of their secret base is unknown, and the Jedi have decided to seek out its whereabouts so as to neutralize it and, hopefully, cripple the Sith's military forces. The Jedi have hired starpilots from all over the galaxy to find the hidden base's location. However, the Sith are already aware of this plan and have dispatched a fleet of warships to hunt down and destroy these starpilots before they find the base.
Joe Harrison
Sound Engineering / Writer / Editor
Ben Burtt
Sound Design (Archives)
John Williams
Music ("Star Wars")
Series Run
2007 - 2014 (Canceled)
Running Time
175 minutes
Narrator (V)
Darth Valaan
Griff the Bartender
Narrator (I-IV)
Captain Reshan
Ralis Keltarin (I)
Commander Kildyr
Alien Thug #3
Agent Queller
Xagon Devriiz
Derryn Omen
Additional Voices
Additional Voices
Additional Voices
Additional Voices
Darkspite Officer
Darth Malice
Commander Falgon
Andrew Gilbertson
Jim Perry
Steve Fluharty
R. Douglas Barbieri
Miles Reid
Douglas Gonnelly
Nathan P. Butler
Silas Carder
Robbie Chastain
Christopher Walker
Kevin Traynor
Julia Harrison
Joe Harrison
Eric Olp
James Wadsworth
Devin Cox
Steve Fluharty
Timothy Harrison
D.J. "ShockDingo" Dixon
Morgan Barnhart
Alex David
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Running Time: 35:45 | Release Date: 08.03.07

Running Time: 31:13 | Release Date: 02.05.08

Running Time: 31:07 | Release Date: 05.07.08

Running Time: 38:37 | Release Date: 01.28.09

Running Time: 38:34 | Release Date: 05.27.14

Running Time: 3:54

Running Time: 1:37

In early 2007, series creator Joe Harrison wrote a quick test scene script based on a very basic premise of two smugglers running from a Sith battleship, performing all the roles on his own. This would ultimately evolve into the story for Star Wars: High Stakes.
This announcement audio teaser was originally heard as a post-credits surprise at the end of the Remastered Edition of Star Wars: Conquest of the Empire - Chapter II: Fortitude & Redemption.
Two smugglers and old friends are recruited by a Jedi on a remote world to make use of their underworld contacts to find the location of the secret Sith Strike Base. Unfortunately, a Sith agent reports this to the Sith Empire, and a hunt begins to stop these two smugglers before they can find the base.
Terril and Kye meet the first contact on a long list of contacts who may be able to help them find the Sith base... but they find more then they bargain for when they run into an old partner from Terril's past... who's out for revenge.
Terril and Kye venture to Bo'niiba, one of the moons of Sullust, to track down a Sullustan speeder bike gang run by a ruthless figure who has contacts in the Sith Empire. Could he help them with the location of the Sith base?
Having escaped yet another close call with the Sith Empire, Terril convinces Kye that they should go to Nar Shaddaa, despite the large prices on their heads. They both end up regretting their decision when they run into a bounty hunter who's been sent by a Hutt lord to capture them...
Terril and Kye escape capture by a bounty hunter, only to end up as the prisoners of notorious spice pirate, Captain Derryn Omen. Omen, herself, has a large debt with Hutt lord Jorrga, and she plans to use the caught smugglers as the payoff. Jorrga the Hutt, however, has other plans.