Several years after the Battle for H'rahk (Star Wars: Conquest of the Empire), Dalvin Ledok, now a Colonel in the Rebel Alliance, is finding himself in a familiar position as he attempts to bring protection to a world that is under the threat of the Galactic Empire; Qalabar, a Trandoshan planet in the Outer Rim Territories. But the Trandoshans will not come easily, however that is the least of Ledok's problems as he finds himself running into and from bounty hunters, vengeful carnivores, and even the Empire itself.
This story is a direct prequel to Star Wars: Crusade of the Rebellion.
Joe Harrison
Sound Engineering / Writer / Editor
Ben Burtt
Sound Design (Archives)
John Williams
Music ("Star Wars")
Release Date
June 10, 2008
Running Time
24 minutes
Colonel Ledok
Mand Kerin
Boba Fett
Ssevik Nogg
Captain Dietz
Prison Warden
Joe Harrison
Running Time: 23:30 | File Size: 53.7 MB
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